Mountain Bike Services Full Strip and Service

Full Strip and Service (3.5-4.5 hours)

Recommended every 2 years. All cables are replaced, resetting the brake and gear feel to new. All bearings are re-packed with fresh grease for longevity of components.

The main benefit of this service over the Off-Road Overhaul is the full change of cables ($40 of parts included). Great for hard-tails or older MTB's.

Contains everything from the Pro Service, plus:

  • Wheel bearing and freehub overhaul

  • Full wheel truing included if necessary

  • All inner and outer cables are replaced on the bike without further charge.

  • Fit new bar tape (tape costs extra if requested).

  • All components removed from the bike and cleaned in immaculate detail with our powered parts washer

  • High detail look for frame dents, cracks or other damage

  • Clear coat spray on frame and forks.

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