Mountain Bike Services General Service

General Service (60-90 mins)

Recommended every 6-12 months, or every 3-6 months if ridden multiple days per week. Also a great option before long bike tours, or after muddy rides.

This ensures your bike lasts for as long as it should: smooth, clean, quiet, and safe.

  • Check drive-train for wear

  • Chain and chain-rings degreased on-bike.

  • Cassettes are cleaned in our parts washer

  • Replace gear and brake cables as necessary (new cables $5)

  • Derailleur hanger alignment

  • Gears adjusted to run smoothly

  • Lubricate chain, cables, derailleur's and brake pivots

  • Brakes adjusted for maximum power and feel

  • Disc rotors checked for wear & alignment

  • Brake pads are changed if needed (new pads $30 per end)

  • Check and adjust headset

  • Check and adjust bottom bracket

  • Tires checked for cracks, holes, wear, then inflated

  • Tighten all bolts to correct torque

  • Road test.

On Site Servicing
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